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El Poblado is a gateway to Puerto Madryn and the perfect  starting point for a trip around the Patagonian coast.

Respecting the local identity and history, we envisioned a house that blends with nature: stone, steel sheets, earthy colors, and factory-like roofs reminiscent of the typical construction of country houses, railway sheds, and old textile factories in the Chubut River. We draw inspiration from the geography and history that surround us, reimagining it to suit the comfort and convenience of modern architecture.

Four completely independent units face an internal courtyard - the heart of  El Poblado-  that combines sunlight with the generous shade of trees and shrubs. Within a walking distance from the property, a refurbished cabin replicates the same style and spirit as our main building. Each unit has its own essence with a variety of different colors and textures that create a warm environment, while keeping a simple design and being mindful with its surroundings.


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